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June 2024
Quantum news|8 days ago

Qiskit SDK v1.1.0 release summary

Technical release summary for Qiskit SDK v1.1.0, including details on top new features and improvements, and new deprecations.

Quantum news|9 days ago

AI-powered transpiler passes for Premium Plan users

The Qiskit Transpiler Service beta release provides Premium Plan users with IBM Cloud resources and state-of-the-art AI tools for transpilation tasks.

May 2024
Quantum news|about 1 month ago

Execution modes for utility-scale workloads

How our new and improved execution modes make running utility-scale workloads more reliable, predictable, and efficient than ever before.

Quantum news|about 1 month ago

Understanding the new ISA circuits requirement

Details on the new ISA circuits requirement introduced in the latest version of Qiskit Runtime.

January 2023
Quantum news|over 1 year ago

IBM Quantum Awards: Open Science Prize

Open Science Prize—an award for the best open source solution to some of the most pressing problems in the field of quantum computing.

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