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Qiskit SDK v1.1.0 release summary

Qiskit SDK v1.1.0 has arrived, marking the first minor version release of the Qiskit SDK’s first major version. On the IBM Quantum™ blog, we review some of the key highlights — including top new features and improvements, as well as some important deprecations. Read the blog here(opens in a new tab).

The updates and improvements include the following:

  • Updated QuantumCircuit objects that now support typed classical variables
  • Improvements to the preset transpiler pass managers
  • Speedups in transpilation runtime, thanks to our continued work re-writing transpiler passes in Rust
  • A number of new transpiler passes, including ElidePermutation and StarPreRouting

Remember, because this a minor release, it will not introduce breaking changes for users moving from Qiskit SDK v1.0. Any deprecations announced with this release refer only to things that will now start throwing deprecation warnings. None of these will be removed until the release of Qiskit v2.0, pursuant to Qiskit’s official deprecation policy(opens in a new tab).

For more details on any of the topics covered in the blog, be sure to check our documentation.

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