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Qiskit Transpiler Service beta release

We’re pleased to share that the beta release of the Qiskit Transpiler Service is now available to all IBM Quantum™ Premium Plan users.

The Qiskit Transpiler Service leverages the resources of IBM Cloud® to provide users with the latest transpilation capabilities from the Qiskit SDK. It offers a Python library that helps users seamlessly integrate the service into their current Qiskit patterns and workflows. Perhaps most importantly, the service invites users to experiment with new and improved AI-powered transpiler passes — cutting-edge tools that might be faster and produce better results than traditional transpilation methods.

On the IBM Quantum blog, we take a deep dive into the new beta release with a special focus on the new AI-powered passes. The blog includes detailed explanations showing how to use the Qiskit Transpiler Service for both full circuit transpilation and standalone AI-powered passes, with code examples for each. Take a look.(opens in a new tab)

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