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Qiskit 0.41 release notes


Terra 0.23.2


The Qiskit Terra 0.23.2 patch release fixes further bugs identified in the 0.23 series.

Bug Fixes

Aer 0.11.2

No change

IBM Q Provider 0.20.1

Since qiskit-ibmq-provider is now deprecated, the dependencies have been bumped and fixed to the latest working versions. There was an issue with the latest version of the requests-ntlm package which caused some end to end tests to fail.


Terra 0.23.1


Qiskit Terra 0.23.1 is a small patch release to fix bugs identified in Qiskit Terra 0.23.0

Bug Fixes

  • An edge case of pickle InstructionScheduleMap with non-picklable iterable arguments is now fixed. Previously, using an unpickleable iterable as the arguments parameter to InstructionScheduleMap.add() (such as dict_keys) could cause parallel calls to transpile() to fail. These arguments will now correctly be normalized internally to list.

  • Fixed a performance bug in ReverseEstimatorGradient where the calculation did a large amount of unnecessary copies if the gradient was only calculated for a subset of parameters, or in a circuit with many unparameterized gates.

  • Fixed a bad deprecation of Register.name_format which had made the class attribute available only from instances and not the class. When trying to send dynamic-circuits jobs to hardware backends, this would frequently cause the error:

    AttributeError: 'property' object has no attribute 'match'

    Fixed #9493(opens in a new tab).

Aer 0.11.2

No change

IBM Q Provider 0.20.0


This release of the qiskit-ibmq-provider package marks the package as deprecated and will be retired and archived in the future. The functionality in qiskit-ibmq-provider has been supersceded by 3 packages qiskit-ibm-provider, qiskit-ibm-runtime, and qiskit-ibm-experiment which offer different subsets of functionality that qiskit-ibmq-provider contained. You can refer to the table here: in a new tab)

for links to the migration guides for moving from qiskit-ibmq-provider to its replacmeent packages.

Deprecation Notes

Bug Fixes

  • In the upcoming terra release there will be a release candidate tagged prior to the final release. However changing the version string for the package is blocked on the qiskit-ibmq-provider right now because it is trying to parse the version and is assuming there will be no prelease suffix on the version string (see #8200(opens in a new tab) for the details). PR #1135(opens in a new tab) fixes this version parsing to use the regex from the pypa/packaging project which handles all the PEP440 package versioning include pre-release suffixes. This will enable terra to release an 0.21.0rc1 tag without breaking the qiskit-ibmq-provider.

  • PR #1129(opens in a new tab) updates least_busy() method to no longer support BaseBackend as a valid input or output type since it has been long deprecated in qiskit-terra and has recently been removed.

  • threading.currentThread and notifyAll were deprecated in Python 3.10 (October 2021) and will be removed in Python 3.12 (October 2023). PR #1133(opens in a new tab) replaces them with threading.current_thread, notify_all added in Python 2.6 (October 2008).

  • Calls to run a quantum circuit with dynamic=True now raise an error that asks the user to install the new qiskit-ibm-provider.

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