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class qiskit.opflow.evolutions.MatrixEvolution

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Bases: EvolutionBase

Deprecated: Performs Evolution by classical matrix exponentiation, constructing a circuit with UnitaryGates or HamiltonianGates containing the exponentiation of the Operator.

Deprecated since version 0.24.0

The class qiskit.opflow.evolutions.matrix_evolution.MatrixEvolution is deprecated as of qiskit-terra 0.24.0. It will be removed in the Qiskit 1.0 release. For code migration guidelines, visit in a new tab).




Traverse the operator, replacing EvolvedOps with CircuitOps containing UnitaryGates or HamiltonianGates (if self.coeff is a ParameterExpression) equalling the exponentiation of -i * operator. This is done by converting the EvolvedOp.primitive to a MatrixOp and simply calling .exp_i() on that.


operator (OperatorBase) – The Operator to convert.


The converted operator.

Return type


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