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class qiskit.transpiler.passes.synthesis.plugin.HighLevelSynthesisPlugin

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Abstract high-level synthesis plugin class.

This abstract class defines the interface for high-level synthesis plugins.



abstract run(high_level_object, coupling_map=None, target=None, qubits=None, **options)

Run synthesis for the given Operation.


  • high_level_object (Operation) – The Operation to synthesize to a DAGCircuit object.
  • coupling_map (CouplingMap) – The coupling map of the backend in case synthesis is done on a physical circuit.
  • target (Target) – A target representing the target backend.
  • qubits (list(opens in a new tab)) – List of qubits over which the operation is defined in case synthesis is done on a physical circuit.
  • options – Additional method-specific optional kwargs.


The quantum circuit representation of the Operation

when successful, and None otherwise.

Return type


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