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IgnisLogger(name[, level])A logger class for Ignis
IgnisLogging([log_config_path])Singleton class to configure file logging via IgnisLogger
IgnisLogReader()Class to read from Ignis log files


class IgnisLogger(name, level=0)

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A logger class for Ignis

IgnisLogger is a like any other logging.Logger object except it has an additional method, log_to_file(), used to log data in the form of key:value pairs to a log file. Logging configuration is performed via a configuration file and is handled by IgnisLogging.

Refer to Python’s logging documentation for more details on how to use logging in Python

Initialize the IgnisLogger object


  • name (str) – name of the logger. Usually set to package name using __name__
  • level (logging.NOTSET) – Verbosity level (use logging package enums)
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