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Focus on utility-scale computing: Retirement of cloud simulators and IBM Quantum Lab

Cloud simulators

In line with our focus on utility-scale(opens in a new tab) quantum computing, we’re retiring our cloud simulators on 15 May 2024. We invite you to start using the Qiskit Runtime local testing mode (with qiskit-ibm-runtime 0.22.0 or later), which makes it possible to perform development and testing locally prior to submitting your workloads to our >100-qubit systems.

This change emphasizes a shift toward quantum hardware capabilities, since the benefits of quantum hardware have surpassed the utility of simulators in helping determine which applications have the greatest potential for advantage.

IBM Quantum Lab

We are also retiring IBM Quantum Lab on 15 May 2024 to increase our focus on utility-era tooling.

You can execute jobs locally with Qiskit, or you can set up your own cloud-based environment.

Starting today, you can download your Lab files in bulk from the Lab platform(opens in a new tab). Bulk file downloads will remain available until 15 November 2024.

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