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Qiskit SDK 1.0 is here!

When we released Qiskit in 2017, it was a first-of-its-kind research tool. It offered an open-source, Python-based software development kit, library, and framework to program quantum computers. Seven years, 100 releases, 550 open-source contributions, 550,000 users, and 3 trillion quantum circuits later, Qiskit 1.0 arrives as a mature Python package for running large-scale quantum experiments.

Qiskit 1.0 is a stable, high-performance Qiskit release. Along with a new 12-month release cycle, users will see a 55% decrease in memory usage compared to Qiskit 0.39, as well as 16x faster binding and transpiling compared to Qiskit 0.33. New features include an updated base primitives v2 interface to make quantum computing easier and more practical for applied users, as well as native support for OpenQASM 3.

These updates will enable users to construct and transpile much bigger circuits than ever before. We are thrilled to share Qiskit 1.0 with you, and excited to see how you use it to tackle utility-scale quantum projects.

For full details, view the release notes, and be sure to check out the migration guide if you currently use a version prior to 1.0 (Qiskit 0.x).

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