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Explore the new Catalog in Learning

We've reorganized the Catalog(opens in a new tab) to help you find courses and tutorials more efficiently. Today, you can explore the latest and badged courses, as well as find workflow examples and how-to guides in tutorials.

  • For courses, this includes filtering for courses with badges available today
  • For tutorials, we've added workflow examples that demonstrate applying IBM Quantum™ tools to typical use cases, and how-tos that explain how to use and optimize specific capabilities

Updates to tutorials

Tutorials are also easier to explore and download, with several changes:

  1. Your IBM Quantum account's selected instance is automatically loaded for tutorials, so you don't have to repeatedly copy and paste
  2. Executable code cells allow you to test small ideas directly in the tutorial
  3. If you want to adapt tutorial code, you can copy code cells or download the whole notebook with a single click

Earn badges after completing a course

We've updated several courses to include exams and badges,(opens in a new tab) including Basics of Quantum Information(opens in a new tab) and Practical Introduction to Quantum-Safe Cryptography(opens in a new tab)! Sign into your account and take the end-of-course Exam. Achieve a passing grade and claim your badge!

Earn badge

Over the coming months, we'll continue to add more resources to help your journey from foundations to utility!

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