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As of today, Qiskit documentation and learning content have a new home on IBM Quantum™. This consolidation is part of our overall mission to create a more unified experience and a single source of truth for working with Qiskit and IBM Quantum services. in a new tab) will now redirect to in a new tab) for general content about the SDK and open-source community. Qiskit documentation links will redirect to pages within IBM Quantum Documentation(opens in a new tab), except for content that is no longer actively maintained, which will redirect to GitHub. The Qiskit textbook home page now redirects to IBM Quantum Learning(opens in a new tab), and legacy textbook pages will remain available through a public archive on Github(opens in a new tab). Once archived, this content will not be maintained by IBMers, and new external contributions will not be accepted. We understand that the textbook is a much-beloved resource, and you’ll still be able to stand up the textbook locally with the instructions in the README.

Qiskit and Runtime docs will remain open source, and we still welcome community feedback and contributions to documentation. Users have two ways to submit feedback and report bugs. For non-API ref content, report issues/feedback in in a new tab). For any user interface-related issues, click the feedback button in the account dropdown menu.

We’re excited about this change, and hope that the result will be a seamless quantum computing experience for everyone. We look forward to building together.

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