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New Open Plan and IBM Quantum Credits

Open plan updates

Starting today, Open Plan users will receive monthly Qiskit Runtime access to run experiments on quantum systems with 100 qubits or more.

IBM Quantum™ has introduced a variety of new tools so that users can begin extracting values from these larger systems, like error mitigation, dynamic circuits, and more. That’s why we’re redefining our Open Plan so that anyone can begin their journey programming on utility-scale quantum systems.

Open Plan users can see and query their limits, usage, and quota on the Dashboard(opens in a new tab) or on the account page(opens in a new tab).

The IBM Quantum End-User License Agreement has been updated to reflect the previously announced changes (see announcement here), which includes additional country restrictions.

Introducing IBM Quantum Credits

To accelerate the timeline to useful quantum computing, we are also announcing a limited number of IBM Quantum Credits that we will award to researchers and developers working on highly innovative projects — those that advance the latest techniques and algorithms and explore their usage in impactful application areas. IBM Quantum Credits allow successful applicants a pre-set amount of access to our utility-scale systems over the cloud

We invite the quantum research community to apply for IBM Quantum Credits by filling out this form(opens in a new tab).

Read more about this in our blog post(opens in a new tab).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post in the #ibm-quantum-platform(opens in a new tab) channel in the Qiskit Slack workspace.

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