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Try out the new Composer Beta!

For a limited time, you can test out a new version of IBM Quantum™ Composer. To access the Beta, click on the "Try the new Composer Beta" button at the top of the Composer. Play around, let us know what you think, and feel free to jump back to the current version by clicking "Go back to the previous version" at the top of the screen.

To try it out, click here!(opens in a new tab)

New improvements include:

  • A searchable operations catalog that you can expand and collapse

  • New information panel for the gates in the catalog

  • New alignment modes: freeform, layers, left-aligned

  • Inline toolbar on gates in the circuit and registers labels

  • Improved gate parameter editing

  • Expand/collapse a gate to see what's inside

  • New monochrome theme

  • Better export options include wrapping, choosing a theme, etc.

  • Gates stretch to support long names or parameters

  • Visual changes don't drastically change the OpenQASM code

  • Inspect mode works now by layers

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