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March 2021 product updates

  • Move a set of grouped operations

Now you can move multiple operations at once after grouping them. For more information, see Build, edit, and inspect quantum circuits(opens in a new tab) in the IBM Quantum Composer docs.

  • New simulators

We have released four high-performance simulators for advanced circuit and applications exploration. Read about them on the IBM Quantum Simulators(opens in a new tab) page.

  • IBM Quantum Experience is now IBM Quantum!

IBM Quantum™ tools now have a slightly different look and feel. Upon logging in, you will find two tool options to optimize how you work -- IBM Quantum Composer and IBM Quantum Lab. These replace IBM Quantum Experience and include several improvements to how you manage files, receive notifications when jobs complete, and even view results without leaving the tool you're working in.

  • The dashboard has a fresh design with an improved focus on putting important information front and center, such as your API token, and the files you most recently worked on.
  • Easily switch between tools and access other resources with the new application switcher in the top left corner of the page.
  • IBM Quantum Composer, still the best tool to design and visualize circuits, has an updated Setup and Run interface.
  • Now you can search your files or view job results alongside the Jupyter notebook you're working on, in IBM Quantum Lab.
  • A file explorer is now available to allow you to better organize your work in both tools.
  • Dark mode is now available across both the Composer and Lab tools. Switch between dark and light mode under the Account menu in the upper right corner.
  • Hub/group admins can access their hub/group details and reservations from the navigation menu via the application switcher. Select Administration under Applications, or select Reservations under IBM Quantum in the application switcher menu.
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