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February 2021 product updates

  • Mid-circuit measurement now available on open systems!

With the exception of Melbourne and Armonk, all IBM Quantum™ systems now support mid-circuit measurement. Read the blog post How to measure and reset a qubit in the middle of a circuit execution(opens in a new tab) for more information.

  • Search, filter, and view all systems at-a-glance with the updated Quantum services page!

Click the application switcher in the upper left corner, then click Quantum services to view the Quantum services(opens in a new tab) page, where you can see information about all systems and simulators available through IBM Quantum. Click a card to view more details on that system, including your upcoming reservations, if you have access to that feature. You can even make a new reservation from here. In addition to the card view, visit the table view(opens in a new tab) for a compact version that includes more data at-a-glance. You can sort data by column in this view.

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