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Run workloads with Quantum Serverless

Premium users can run their workloads remotely on classical compute made available through IBM Quantum Platform.

For more information, see the Quantum Serverless docs (opens in a new tab).


This is an experimental feature, subject to change.

Build a workflow

Here is an example of computing the expectation value using the Qiskit Runtime Estimator primitive. This Python script should be saved in your working directory. (Warning! All contents of the working directory will be shipped to the cluster for execution.)

# source_files/
from qiskit.circuit.random import random_circuit
from qiskit.quantum_info import SparsePauliOp
from qiskit_ibm_runtime import QiskitRuntimeService, Estimator
from quantum_serverless import save_result
service = QiskitRuntimeService()
# Run on a simulator
backend = service.get_backend("ibmq_qasm_simulator")
# Use the next line if you want to run on a system
# backend = service.least_busy(simulator=False)
circuit = random_circuit(2, 2, seed=1234)
observable = SparsePauliOp("IY")
estimator = Estimator(backend)
job =, observable)
result = job.result()
# save results of program execution
# note: saved items must be serializable

Deploy workflow on Quantum Serverless

After creating a workflow, authenticate to the IBMServerlessProvider with your IBM Quantum token, which can be obtained from your IBM Quantum account (opens in a new tab), and upload the script.

# Authenticate to the IBM serverless provider
from quantum_serverless import IBMServerlessProvider
serverless = IBMServerlessProvider("YOUR_IBM_QUANTUM_TOKEN")
# Deploy the workflow
from quantum_serverless import QiskitPattern

Run workflow remotely on Quantum Serverless

Finally, the workflow is ready to run remotely.

# Run workflow remotely
job ="My-Qiskit-Pattern")
# Retrieve status, logs, results

Migration guide

Qiskit Runtime custom programs can be easily migrated to Quantum Serverless via this migration guide (opens in a new tab).

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