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Monitor a job

Jobs are listed on the Jobs page for your quantum service channel:

Use the job instance to check the job status or retrieve the results by calling the appropriate command:

job.result()Review job results immediately after the job completes. Job results are available after the job completes. Therefore, job.result() is a blocking call until the job completes.
job.job_id()Return the ID that uniquely identifies that job. Retrieving the job results at a later time requires the job ID. Therefore, it is recommended that you save the IDs of jobs you might want to retrieve later.
job.status()Check the job status.
job = service.job(<job_id>)Retrieve a job you previously submitted. This call requires the job ID.

Retrieve job results at a later time

Call service.job(\<job\how_toID>) to retrieve a job you previously submitted. If you don’t have the job ID, or if you want to retrieve multiple jobs at once; including jobs from retired systems, call with optional filters instead. See

Note returns only Qiskit® Runtime jobs. To retrieve other jobs, use qiskit-ibm-provider instead.


This example returns the 10 most recent runtime jobs that were run on my_backend:

from qiskit_ibm_runtime import QiskitRuntimeService
# Initialize the account first.
service = QiskitRuntimeService()

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