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IBM Quantum™ maintains the world’s most advanced fleet of quantum systems, with seven utility-scale(opens in a new tab) quantum systems, and more on the way. These systems demonstrate unparalleled reliability, with >95% uptime across the fleet of quantum systems - and unmatched stability, with two-qubit gate error fluctuations no larger than 0.001 over timescales measured in months1.

The run phase

In the run phase, you send your quantum program to be executed on a quantum system. This section provides information about IBM Quantum hardware and how to connect to the instances that provide access to quantum systems. You can find details about estimating job run time and cost, running within a session, and more.

The steps during the run phase are:

  1. Using your account credentials, authenticate to the channel of your choice (IBM Quantum Platform or IBM Cloud®).
  2. Choose a system or simulator.
  3. Send a job to a system or simulator.
  4. View job results.


  1. Median 2Q gate errors measured over all accessible Eagle processors from July 20 to September 20, 2023.

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