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Troubleshooting in IBM Quantum Lab

Issues logging in

If you have trouble logging in to Quantum Lab, try clearing your browser cookies from

If you have forgotten your password, use the Forgot your password option at the sign-in screen after clicking the IBMid sign-in button.

Issues starting your server

If you are experiencing an issue starting your server, you can log out and log back in again to reset your pod. From the File menu, choose Log Out. Alternatively, you can go to the Account menu and select Sign out.

Reset your notebook pod

In addition to logging out and logging back in again, you can reset your notebook pod from the Hub Control Panel here.(opens in a new tab) You can also get to the Hub Control Panel from the File menu: choose Hub Control Panel, select Stop My Server, then select Start My Server.

Open files

You may have become accustomed to opening files with a single click in the old Quantum Lab. Opening directories and files now requires a double-click.

Install pip packages via console

At the launcher screen (File -> New Launcher), select the card underneath Console. A console will open in a new tab. Use pip install to add any packages.

Command palette

Use the command palette to search for and run JupyterLab commands. To open it, press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + C.

Reopen launcher

To return to the launcher screen that you see when you first log in, go to the File menu and select New Launcher, or press Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L . A launcher screen will open in its own tab.

Switch kernels

Click the Kernel menu and select Change Kernel. Select among the options to change kernels, including different versions of Qiskit.

Another option is to click the name of kernel you are currently running, which is labeled in the upper right corner, next to the bee icon. You will be presented with the same set of kernel options.

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