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Qiskit 0.27 release notes


Terra 0.17.4

No change

Aer 0.8.2

No change

Ignis 0.6.0

No change

Aqua 0.9.2

Bug Fixes

  • Removed version caps from the requirements list to enable installing with newer versions of dependencies.

IBM Q Provider 0.14.0

New Features

  • You can now use the qiskit.providers.ibmq.runtime.RuntimeJob.logs() method to retrieve job logs. Note that logs are only available after the job finishes.

  • A new backend configuration attribute input_allowed now tells you the types of input supported by the backend. Valid input types are job, which means circuit jobs, and runtime, which means Qiskit Runtime.

    You can also use input_allowed in backend filtering. For example:

    from qiskit import IBMQ
    provider = IBMQ.load_account()
    # Get a list of all backends that support runtime.
    runtime_backends = provider.backends(input_allowed='runtime')

Upgrade Notes

  • qiskit-ibmq-provider now uses a new package websocket-client as its websocket client, and packages websockets and nest-asyncio are no longer required. and requirements.txt have been updated accordingly.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the issue that uses shots=1 instead of the documented default when no shots is specified for run_circuits().

  • Fixes the issue wherein a QiskitBackendNotFoundError exception is raised when retrieving a runtime job that was submitted using a different provider than the one used for retrieval.

  • Streaming runtime program interim results with proxies is now supported. You can specify the proxies to use when enabling the account as usual, for example:

    from qiskit import IBMQ
    proxies = {'urls': {''}}
    provider = IBMQ.enable_account(API_TOKEN, proxies=proxies)
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