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Qiskit 0.22 release notes


Terra 0.15.2

No change

Aer 0.6.1

No change

Ignis 0.4.0

No change

Aqua 0.7.5

No change

IBM Q Provider 0.10.0

New Features

  • CQC randomness extractors can now be invoked asynchronously, using methods run_async_ext1() and run_async_ext2(). Each of these methods returns a CQCExtractorJob instance that allows you to check on the job status (using status()) and wait for its result (using block_until_ready()). The method remains synchronous.
  • You can now use the new IBMQ experiment service to query, retrieve, and download experiment related data. Interface to this service is located in the new qiskit.providers.ibmq.experiment package. Note that this feature is still in beta, and not all accounts have access to it. It is also subject to heavy modification in both functionality and API without backward compatibility.
  • Two Jupyter magic functions, the IQX dashboard and the backend widget, are updated to display backend reservations. If a backend has reservations scheduled in the next 24 hours, time to the next one and its duration are displayed (e.g. Reservation: in 6 hrs 30 min (60m)). If there is a reservation and the backend is active, the backend status is displayed as active [R].

Upgrade Notes

  • Starting from this release, the basis_gates returned by qiskit.providers.ibmq.IBMQBackend.configuration() may differ for each backend. You should update your program if it relies on the basis gates being ['id','u1','u2','u3','cx']. We recommend always using the configuration() method to find backend configuration values instead of hard coding them.
  • qiskit-ibmq-provider release 0.10 requires qiskit-terra release 0.15 or above. The package metadata has been updated to reflect the new dependency.
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