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Qiskit 0.21 release notes


Terra 0.15.2

No change

Aer 0.6.1

No change

Ignis 0.4.0

No change

Aqua 0.7.5

No change

IBM Q Provider 0.9.0

New Features

  • You can now access the IBMQ random number services, such as the CQC randomness extractor, using the new package qiskit.providers.ibmq.random. Note that this feature is still in beta, and not all accounts have access to it. It is also subject to heavy modification in both functionality and API without backward compatibility.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue that may raise a ValueError if retrieve_job() is used to retrieve a job submitted via the IBM Quantum Experience Composer.
  • IBMQJobManager has been updated so that if a time out happens while waiting for an old job to finish, the time out error doesn’t prevent a new job to be submitted. Fixes #737(opens in a new tab)
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