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qiskit.pulse.library.Sech(duration, amp, sigma, angle=0.0, name=None, zero_ends=True, limit_amplitude=None)GitHub(opens in a new tab)

An unnormalized sech pulse.

The sech function is centered around the halfway point of the pulse, and the envelope of the pulse is given by:

f(x)=Asech(xμsigma),0<=x<durationf(x) = \text{A}\text{sech}\left( \frac{x-\mu}{\text{sigma}}\right) , 0 <= x < duration

where A=amp×exp(i×angle)\text{A} = \text{amp} \times\exp\left(i\times\text{angle}\right), and μ=duration/2\mu=\text{duration}/2.

If zero_ends is set to True, the output y is modified: .. math:

y\left(x\right) \mapsto \text{A}\frac{y-y^{*}}{\text{A}-y^{*}},

where yy^{*} is the value of yy at the endpoints (at x=1and:math:x=duration+1x=-1 and :math:`x=\text{duration}+1). This shifts the endpoints value to zero, while also rescaling to preserve the amplitude at :math:text{duration}/2``.



ScalableSymbolicPulse instance.

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