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class qiskit.pulse.library.Constant(duration, amp, angle=0.0, name=None, limit_amplitude=None)

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A simple constant pulse, with an amplitude value and a duration:

f(x)=amp×exp(iangle),0<=x<durationf(x)=0,elsewheref(x) = \text{amp}\times\exp\left(i\text{angle}\right) , 0 <= x < duration f(x) = 0 , elsewhere

Create new pulse instance.


  • duration – Pulse length in terms of the sampling period dt.
  • amp – The magnitude of the amplitude of the square envelope.
  • angle – The angle of the complex amplitude of the square envelope. Default value 0.
  • name – Display name for this pulse envelope.
  • limit_amplitude – If True, then limit the amplitude of the waveform to 1. The default is True and the amplitude is constrained to 1.


ScalableSymbolicPulse instance.



Default value: 'Constant'

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