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qiskit.providers.models.PulseDefaults(qubit_freq_est, meas_freq_est, buffer, pulse_library, cmd_def, meas_kernel=None, discriminator=None, **kwargs) GitHub(opens in a new tab)

Bases: object(opens in a new tab)

Description of default settings for Pulse systems. These are instructions or settings that may be good starting points for the Pulse user. The user may modify these defaults for custom scheduling.

Validate and reformat transport layer inputs to initialize. :param qubit_freq_est: Estimated qubit frequencies in GHz. :param meas_freq_est: Estimated measurement cavity frequencies in GHz. :param buffer: Default buffer time (in units of dt) between pulses. :param pulse_library: Pulse name and sample definitions. :param cmd_def: Operation name and definition in terms of Commands. :param meas_kernel: The measurement kernels :param discriminator: The discriminators :param **kwargs: Other attributes for the super class.



Qubit frequencies in Hertz.


Measurement frequencies in Hertz.



classmethod from_dict(data) GitHub(opens in a new tab)

Create a new PulseDefaults object from a dictionary.


data (dict(opens in a new tab)) – A dictionary representing the PulseDefaults to create. It will be in the same format as output by to_dict().


The PulseDefaults from the input dictionary.

Return type



to_dict() GitHub(opens in a new tab)

Return a dictionary format representation of the PulseDefaults. :returns: The dictionary form of the PulseDefaults. :rtype: dict

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