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Estimator V2 base class.

An estimator estimates expectation values for provided quantum circuit and observable combinations.

An Estimator implementation must treat the run() method precision=None kwarg as using a default precision value. The default value and methods to set it can be determined by the Estimator implementor.



abstract run(pubs, *, precision=None)

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Estimate expectation values for each provided pub (Primitive Unified Bloc).


  • pubs (Iterable[EstimatorPubLike]) – An iterable of pub-like objects, such as tuples (circuit, observables) or (circuit, observables, parameter_values).
  • precision (float(opens in a new tab) | None) – The target precision for expectation value estimates of each run Estimator Pub that does not specify its own precision. If None the estimator’s default precision value will be used.


A job object that contains results.

Return type


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