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class qiskit.primitives.BackendSamplerV2(*, backend, options=None)

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Bases: BaseSamplerV2

Evaluates bitstrings for provided quantum circuits

The BackendSamplerV2 class is a generic implementation of the BaseSamplerV2 interface that is used to wrap a BackendV2 (or BackendV1) object in the class BaseSamplerV2 API. It facilitates using backends that do not provide a native BaseSamplerV2 implementation in places that work with BaseSamplerV2. However, if you’re using a provider that has a native implementation of BaseSamplerV2, it is a better choice to leverage that native implementation as it will likely include additional optimizations and be a more efficient implementation. The generic nature of this class precludes doing any provider- or backend-specific optimizations.

This class does not perform any measurement or gate mitigation.

Each tuple of (circuit, <optional> parameter values, <optional> shots), called a sampler primitive unified bloc (PUB), produces its own array-valued result. The run() method can be given many pubs at once.

The options for BackendSamplerV2 consist of the following items.

  • default_shots: The default shots to use if none are specified in run(). Default: 1024.
  • seed_simulator: The seed to use in the simulator. If None, a random seed will be used. Default: None.

This class requires a backend that supports memory option.


  • backend (BackendV1 |BackendV2) – The backend to run the primitive on.
  • options (dict(opens in a new tab) | None) – The options to control the default shots (default_shots) and the random seed for the simulator (seed_simulator).



Returns the backend which this sampler object based on.


Return the options



run(pubs, *, shots=None)

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Run and collect samples from each pub.


  • pubs (Iterable[SamplerPubLike]) – An iterable of pub-like objects. For example, a list of circuits or tuples (circuit, parameter_values).
  • shots (int(opens in a new tab) | None) – The total number of shots to sample for each sampler pub that does not specify its own shots. If None, the primitive’s default shots value will be used, which can vary by implementation.


The job object of Sampler’s result.

Return type


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