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Bases: ABC (opens in a new tab)

Deprecated: Converters take an Operator and return a new Operator, generally isomorphic in some way with the first, but with certain desired properties. For example, a converter may accept CircuitOp and return a SummedOp of PauliOps representing the circuit unitary. Converters may not have polynomial space or time scaling in their operations. On the contrary, many converters, such as a MatrixExpectation or MatrixEvolution, which convert PauliOps to MatrixOps internally, will require time or space exponential in the number of qubits unless a clever trick is known (such as the use of sparse matrices).

Deprecated since version 0.24.0

The class qiskit.opflow.converters.converter_base.ConverterBase is deprecated as of qiskit-terra 0.24.0. It will be removed no earlier than 3 months after the release date. For code migration guidelines, visit (opens in a new tab).



abstract convert(operator)

Accept the Operator and return the converted Operator


operator (OperatorBase) – The Operator to convert.


The converted Operator.

Return type


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