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Backend Objects


Qiskit schema-conformant objects used by the backends and providers.


BackendConfiguration(backend_name, ...[, ...])Backwards compat shim representing an abstract backend configuration.
BackendProperties(backend_name, ...)Class representing backend properties
BackendStatus(backend_name, backend_version, ...)Class representing Backend Status.
QasmBackendConfiguration(backend_name, ...)Class representing an OpenQASM 2.0 Backend Configuration.
PulseBackendConfiguration(backend_name, ...)Static configuration state for an OpenPulse enabled backend.
UchannelLO(q, scale)Class representing a U Channel LO
GateConfig(name, parameters, qasm_def[, ...])Class representing a Gate Configuration
PulseDefaults(qubit_freq_est, meas_freq_est, ...)Description of default settings for Pulse systems.
Command(name[, qubits, sequence])Class representing a Command.
JobStatus(job_id, status, status_msg, **kwargs)Model for JobStatus.
GateProperties(qubits, gate, parameters, ...)Class representing a gate's properties
Nduv(date, name, unit, value)Class representing name-date-unit-value
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