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Fake Provider



The fake provider module in Qiskit contains fake (simulated) backend classes useful for testing the transpiler and other backend-facing functionality.

Example Usage

Here is an example of using a simulated backend for transpilation and running.

from qiskit import QuantumCircuit, transpile
from qiskit.providers.fake_provider import GenericBackendV2
from qiskit.visualization import plot_histogram
# Generate a 5-qubit simulated backend
backend = GenericBackendV2(num_qubits=5)
# Create a simple circuit
circuit = QuantumCircuit(3)
# Transpile the ideal circuit to a circuit that can be directly executed by the backend
transpiled_circuit = transpile(circuit, backend)
# Run the transpiled circuit using the simulated backend
job =
counts = job.result().get_counts()
../_images/providers_fake_provider-1_00.png ../_images/providers_fake_provider-1_01.png ../_images/providers_fake_provider-1_02.png

V2 Simulated Backends

GenericBackendV2(num_qubits[, basis_gates, ...])Generic BackendV2 implementation with a configurable constructor.

V1 Fake Backends (Legacy interface)

FakeOpenPulse2Q()A fake 2 qubit backend for pulse test.
FakeOpenPulse3Q()Trivial extension of the FakeOpenPulse2Q.
Fake1Q()A fake 1Q backend.
Fake5QV1()A fake backend with the following characteristics:
Fake20QV1()A fake backend with the following characteristics:
Fake7QPulseV1()A fake pulse backend with the following characteristics:
Fake27QPulseV1()A fake pulse backend with the following characteristics:
Fake127QPulseV1()A fake pulse backend with the following characteristics:

Fake Backend Base Classes

The V1 fake backends are based on a set of base classes:

qiskit.providers.fake_provider.FakeBackend(configuration, time_alive=10)GitHub(opens in a new tab)

This is a dummy backend just for testing purposes.

FakeBackend initializer.


qiskit.providers.fake_provider.FakeQasmBackendGitHub(opens in a new tab)

A fake OpenQASM backend.

FakeBackend initializer.


qiskit.providers.fake_provider.FakePulseBackendGitHub(opens in a new tab)

A fake pulse backend.

FakeBackend initializer.


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