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Bases: ConverterBase

Deprecated: Circuit to gradient operator converter.

Converter for changing parameterized circuits into operators whose evaluation yields the gradient with respect to the circuit parameters.

This is distinct from DerivativeBase converters which take gradients of composite operators and handle things like differentiating combo_fn’s and enforcing product rules when operator coefficients are parameterized.

CircuitGradient - uses quantum techniques to get derivatives of circuits DerivativeBase - uses classical techniques to differentiate operator flow data structures

Deprecated since version 0.24.0

The class qiskit.opflow.gradients.circuit_gradients.circuit_gradient.CircuitGradient is deprecated as of qiskit-terra 0.24.0. It will be removed in the Qiskit 1.0 release. For code migration guidelines, visit in a new tab).



abstract convert(operator, params=None)



An operator whose evaluation yields the Gradient.


ValueError(opens in a new tab) – If params contains a parameter not present in operator.

Return type


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