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class qiskit.opflow.evolutions.Trotter(reps=1)

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Bases: Suzuki

Deprecated: Simple Trotter expansion, composing the evolution circuits of each Operator in the sum together reps times and dividing the evolution time of each by reps.

Deprecated since version 0.24.0

The class qiskit.opflow.evolutions.trotterizations.trotter.Trotter is deprecated as of qiskit-terra 0.24.0. It will be removed in the Qiskit 1.0 release. For code migration guidelines, visit in a new tab).


reps (int(opens in a new tab)) – The number of times to repeat the Trotterization circuit.



returns order


The number of repetitions to use in the Trotterization, improving the approximation accuracy.

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