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Measurement Mitigation Utils


Deprecated since version 0.24.0

This module is deprecated and will be removed no sooner than 3 months after the release date. For code migration guidelines, visit in a new tab).


The user-facing API stability of this module is not guaranteed except for its use with the QuantumInstance (i.e. using the CompleteMeasFitter or TensoredMeasFitter classes as values for the meas_error_mitigation_cls). The rest of this module should be treated as an internal private API that can not be relied upon.

Measurement correction

The measurement calibration is used to mitigate measurement errors. The main idea is to prepare all 2n2^n basis input states and compute the probability of measuring counts in the other basis states. From these calibrations, it is possible to correct the average results of another experiment of interest. These tools are intended for use solely with the QuantumInstance class as part of qiskit.algorithms and qiskit.opflow.

CompleteMeasFitter(results, state_labels[, ...])Deprecated: Measurement correction fitter for a full calibration
TensoredMeasFitter(results, mit_pattern[, ...])Deprecated: Measurement correction fitter for a tensored calibration.
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