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class qiskit.qobj.PulseQobjConfig(meas_level, meas_return, pulse_library, qubit_lo_freq, meas_lo_freq, memory_slot_size=None, rep_time=None, rep_delay=None, shots=None, seed_simulator=None, memory_slots=None, **kwargs)

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Bases: QobjDictField

A configuration for a Pulse Qobj.

Instantiate a PulseQobjConfig object.


  • meas_level (int(opens in a new tab)) – The measurement level to use.
  • meas_return (int(opens in a new tab)) – The level of measurement information to return.
  • pulse_library (list(opens in a new tab)) – A list of PulseLibraryItem objects which define the set of primitive pulses
  • qubit_lo_freq (list(opens in a new tab)) – List of frequencies (as floats) for the qubit driver LO’s in GHz.
  • meas_lo_freq (list(opens in a new tab)) – List of frequencies (as floats) for the’ measurement driver LO’s in GHz.
  • memory_slot_size (int(opens in a new tab)) – Size of each memory slot if the output is Level 0.
  • rep_time (int(opens in a new tab)) – Time per program execution in sec. Must be from the list provided by the backend (backend.configuration().rep_times). Defaults to the first entry in backend.configuration().rep_times.
  • rep_delay (float(opens in a new tab)) – Delay between programs in sec. Only supported on certain backends (backend.configuration().dynamic_reprate_enabled ). If supported, rep_delay will be used instead of rep_time and must be from the range supplied by the backend (backend.configuration().rep_delay_range). Default is backend.configuration().default_rep_delay.
  • shots (int(opens in a new tab)) – The number of shots
  • seed_simulator (int(opens in a new tab)) – the seed to use in the simulator
  • memory_slots (list(opens in a new tab)) – The number of memory slots on the device
  • kwargs – Additional free form key value fields to add to the configuration



classmethod from_dict(data)

Create a new PulseQobjConfig object from a dictionary.


data (dict(opens in a new tab)) – A dictionary for the config


The object from the input dictionary.

Return type




Return a dictionary format representation of the Pulse Qobj config.


The dictionary form of the PulseQobjConfig.

Return type

dict(opens in a new tab)

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