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qiskit.pulse.library.Triangle(duration, amp, phase, freq=None, angle=0.0, name=None, limit_amplitude=None)

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A triangle wave pulse.

The envelope of the pulse is given by:

f(x)=A[sawtooth(x)],0<=x<durationf(x) = \text{A}\left[\text{sawtooth}\left(x\right)\right] , 0 <= x < duration

where A=amp×exp(i×angle)\text{A} = \text{amp} \times\exp\left(i\times\text{angle}\right), and sawtooth(x)\text{sawtooth}\left(x\right) is a sawtooth wave with the same frequency as the triangle wave, but a phase shifted by π2\frac{\pi}{2}.



ScalableSymbolicPulse instance.

Return type


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