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Qobj([qobj_id, config, experiments, header])A backwards compat alias for QasmQobj.
QobjExperimentHeader(**kwargs)A class representing a header dictionary for a Qobj Experiment.
QobjHeader(**kwargs)A class used to represent a dictionary header in Qobj objects.


QasmQobj([qobj_id, config, experiments, header])A QASM Qobj.
QasmQobjInstruction(name[, params, qubits, ...])A class representing a single instruction in an QasmQobj Experiment.
QasmQobjExperimentConfig([calibrations, ...])Configuration for a single QASM experiment in the qobj.
QasmQobjExperiment([config, header, ...])A QASM Qobj Experiment.
QasmQobjConfig([shots, max_credits, ...])A configuration for a QASM Qobj.
QasmExperimentCalibrations(gates)A container for any calibrations data.
GateCalibration(name, qubits, params, ...)Each calibration specifies a unique gate by name, qubits and params, and contains the Pulse instructions to implement it.


PulseQobj(qobj_id, config, experiments[, header])A Pulse Qobj.
PulseQobjInstruction(name, t0[, ch, ...])A class representing a single instruction in an PulseQobj Experiment.
PulseQobjExperimentConfig([qubit_lo_freq, ...])A config for a single Pulse experiment in the qobj.
PulseQobjExperiment(instructions[, config, ...])A Pulse Qobj Experiment.
PulseQobjConfig(meas_level, meas_return, ...)A configuration for a Pulse Qobj.
QobjMeasurementOption(name[, params])An individual measurement option.
PulseLibraryItem(name, samples)An item in a pulse library.
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