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marginal_counts(result, indices=None, inplace=False, format_marginal=False, marginalize_memory=True)

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Marginalize counts from an experiment over some indices of interest.


  • result (Union[dict, Result]) – result to be marginalized (a Result object or a dict(str, int) of counts).
  • indices (Optional[List[int]]) – The bit positions of interest to marginalize over. If None (default), do not marginalize at all.
  • inplace (bool) – Default: False. Operates on the original Result argument if True, leading to loss of original Job Result. It has no effect if result is a dict.
  • format_marginal (bool) – Default: False. If True, takes the output of marginalize and formats it with placeholders between cregs and for non-indices.
  • marginalize_memory (Optional[bool]) – If True, then also marginalize the memory field (if present). If False, remove the memory field from the result. If None, leave the memory field as is.


A Result object or a dictionary with

the observed counts, marginalized to only account for frequency of observations of bits of interest.

Return type

Result or dict(str, int)


QiskitError – in case of invalid indices to marginalize over.

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