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diamond_norm(choi, **kwargs)

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Return the diamond norm of the input quantum channel object.

This function computes the completely-bounded trace-norm (often referred to as the diamond-norm) of the input quantum channel object using the semidefinite-program from reference [1].


  • choi (Choi or QuantumChannel) – a quantum channel object or Choi-matrix array.
  • kwargs – optional arguments to pass to CVXPY solver.


The completely-bounded trace norm


Return type



QiskitError – if CVXPY package cannot be found.

Additional Information:

The input to this function is typically not a CPTP quantum channel, but rather the difference between two quantum channels ΔE\|\Delta\mathcal{E}\|_\diamond where ΔE=E1E2\Delta\mathcal{E} = \mathcal{E}_1 - \mathcal{E}_2.


J. Watrous. “Simpler semidefinite programs for completely bounded norms”, arXiv:1207.5726 [quant-ph] (2012).


This function requires the optional CVXPY package to be installed. Any additional kwargs will be passed to the cvxpy.solve function. See the CVXPY documentation for information on available SDP solvers.

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