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pad(schedule, channels=None, until=None, inplace=False, pad_with=None)

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Pad the input Schedule with Delay``s on all unoccupied timeslots until ``schedule.duration or until if not None.


  • schedule (Schedule) – Schedule to pad.
  • channels (Optional[Iterable[Channel]]) – Channels to pad. Defaults to all channels in schedule if not provided. If the supplied channel is not a member of schedule it will be added.
  • until (Optional[int]) – Time to pad until. Defaults to schedule.duration if not provided.
  • inplace (bool) – Pad this schedule by mutating rather than returning a new schedule.
  • pad_with (Optional[Type[Instruction]]) – Pulse Instruction subclass to be used for padding. Default to Delay instruction.

Return type



The padded schedule.


PulseError – When non pulse instruction is set to pad_with.

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