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frequency_offset(frequency, *channels, compensate_phase=False)

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Shift the frequency of inputs channels on entry into context and undo on exit.


from qiskit import pulse
d0 = pulse.DriveChannel(0)
with as pulse_prog:
    # shift frequency by 1GHz
    with pulse.frequency_offset(1e9, d0):, 1.0), d0)
assert len(pulse_prog.instructions) == 3
with as pulse_prog:
    # Shift frequency by 1GHz.
    # Undo accumulated phase in the shifted frequency frame
    # when exiting the context.
    with pulse.frequency_offset(1e9, d0, compensate_phase=True):, 1.0), d0)
assert len(pulse_prog.instructions) == 4


  • frequency (float) – Amount of frequency offset in Hz.
  • channels (PulseChannel) – Channels to offset frequency of.
  • compensate_phase (bool) – Compensate for accumulated phase accumulated with respect to the channels’ frame at its initial frequency.



Return type


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