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acquire(duration, qubit_or_channel, register, **metadata)

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Acquire for a duration on a channel and store the result in a register.


from qiskit import pulse
acq0 = pulse.AcquireChannel(0)
mem0 = pulse.MemorySlot(0)
with as pulse_prog:
    pulse.acquire(100, acq0, mem0)
    # measurement metadata
    kernel = pulse.configuration.Kernel('linear_discriminator')
    pulse.acquire(100, acq0, mem0, kernel=kernel)

The type of data acquire will depend on the execution meas_level.


  • duration (int) – Duration to acquire data for
  • qubit_or_channel (Union[int, AcquireChannel]) – Either the qubit to acquire data for or the specific AcquireChannel to acquire on.
  • register (NewType()(StorageLocation, Union[MemorySlot, RegisterSlot])) – Location to store measured result.
  • metadata (Union[Kernel, Discriminator]) – Additional metadata for measurement. See Acquire for more information.


exceptions.PulseError – If the register type is not supported.

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