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circuit_to_gate(circuit, parameter_map=None, equivalence_library=None, label=None)

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Build a Gate object from a QuantumCircuit.

The gate is anonymous (not tied to a named quantum register), and so can be inserted into another circuit. The gate will have the same string name as the circuit.


  • circuit (QuantumCircuit) – the input circuit.
  • parameter_map (dict) – For parameterized circuits, a mapping from parameters in the circuit to parameters to be used in the gate. If None, existing circuit parameters will also parameterize the Gate.
  • equivalence_library (EquivalenceLibrary) – Optional equivalence library where the converted gate will be registered.
  • label (str) – Optional gate label.


QiskitError – if circuit is non-unitary or if parameter_map is not compatible with circuit


a Gate equivalent to the action of the input circuit. Upon decomposition, this gate will yield the components comprising the original circuit.

Return type


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