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class ImaginaryEvolver

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Bases: abc.ABC

Pending deprecation: Interface for Quantum Imaginary Time Evolution.

The ImaginaryEvolver interface has been superseded by the qiskit.algorithms.time_evolvers.ImaginaryTimeEvolver interface. This interface will be deprecated in a future release and subsequently removed after that.



abstract ImaginaryEvolver.evolve(evolution_problem)

Perform imaginary time evolution exp(τH)Ψ\exp(-\tau H)|\Psi\rangle.

Evolves an initial state Ψ|\Psi\rangle for an imaginary time τ\tau under a Hamiltonian HH, as provided in the evolution_problem.


evolution_problem (EvolutionProblem) – The definition of the evolution problem.

Return type



Evolution result which includes an evolved quantum state.

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