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DAG Circuits


DAG Circuits

DAGCircuit()Quantum circuit as a directed acyclic graph.
DAGNode([nid])Parent class for DAGOpNode, DAGInNode, and DAGOutNode.
DAGOpNode(op[, qargs, cargs])Object to represent an Instruction at a node in the DAGCircuit.
DAGInNode(wire)Object to represent an incoming wire node in the DAGCircuit.
DAGOutNode(wire)Object to represent an outgoing wire node in the DAGCircuit.
DAGDepNode([type, op, name, qargs, cargs, ...])Object to represent the information at a node in the DAGDependency().
DAGDependency()Object to represent a quantum circuit as a directed acyclic graph via operation dependencies (i.e.

Block Collection

BlockCollector(dag)Class for implementing block collection on a DAG.
BlockCollapser(dag)Class to consolidate a given block from the dag into a single node


DAGCircuitError(*msg)Base class for errors raised by the DAGCircuit object.
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