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PecOptions(*args, **kwargs)

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Probabalistic error cancellation mitigation options.


  • max_overhead – The maximum circuit sampling overhead allowed, or None for no maximum. Default: 100.

  • noise_gain

    The amount by which to scale the noise, where:

    • A value of 0 corresponds to removing the full learned noise.
    • A value of 1 corresponds to no removal of the learned noise.
    • A value between 0 and 1 corresponds to partially removing the learned noise.
    • A value greater than one corresponds to amplifying the learned noise.

    If “auto”, the value in the range [0, 1) will be chosen automatically for each input PUB based on the learned noise strength, max_overhead, and the depth of the PUB. Default: “auto”.



UnsetType | float | None = Unset


UnsetType | float | Literal['auto'] = Unset


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