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class DynamicalDecouplingOptions(*args, **kwargs)

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Options for dynamical decoupling (DD).


  • enable – Whether to enable DD as specified by the other options in this class. Default: False.

  • sequence_type

    Which dynamical decoupling sequence to use. Default: “XX”.

    • "XX": use the sequence tau/2 - (+X) - tau - (+X) - tau/2
    • "XpXm": use the sequence tau/2 - (+X) - tau - (-X) - tau/2
    • "XY4": : use the sequence tau/2 - (+X) - tau - (+Y) - tau (-X) - tau - (-Y) - tau/2
  • extra_slack_distribution

    Where to put extra timing delays due to rounding issues. Rounding issues arise because the discrete time step dt of the system cannot be divided. This option takes following values. Default: “middle”.

    • "middle": Put the extra slack to the interval at the middle of the sequence.
    • "edges": Divide the extra slack as evenly as possible into intervals at beginning and end of the sequence.
  • scheduling_method – Whether to schedule gates as soon as (“asap”) or as late as (“alap”) possible. Default: “alap”.



Type: UnsetType | bool

Default value: Unset


Type: UnsetType | Literal['middle', 'edges']

Default value: Unset


Type: UnsetType | Literal['alap', 'asap']

Default value: Unset


Type: UnsetType | Literal['XX', 'XpXm', 'XY4']

Default value: Unset


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