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Qiskit IBM Provider is deprecated. See the migration guide to use Qiskit Runtime.



Modules representing IBM Quantum jobs.


IBMCircuitJob(backend, api_client, job_id[, ...])Representation of a job that executes on an IBM Quantum backend.
IBMCompositeJob(backend, api_client[, ...])Representation of a set of jobs that execute on an IBM Quantum backend.
QueueInfo([position_in_queue, status, ...])Queue information for a job.


job_monitor(job[, interval, output])Monitor the status of an IBMJob instance.


IBMJobError(*message)Base class for errors raised by the job modules.
IBMJobApiError(*message)Errors that occur unexpectedly when querying the server.
IBMJobFailureError(*message)Errors raised when a job failed.
IBMJobInvalidStateError(*message)Errors raised when a job is not in a valid state for the operation.
IBMJobTimeoutError(*message)Errors raised when a job operation times out.
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