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Manage your system reservations

Depending on your hub configuration, administrators can reserve time on a particular system or view your existing reservations with the Reservations tool.

Dedicated mode

For information about dedicated mode, see the overview on system reservations.


Your monthly reservation allotment refreshes on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC.

Make a new reservation

Click the application switcher ( switcher ) and choose Reservations. Alternatively, from the dashboard, scroll to the Reservations card and click Create new reservation. Click New reservation + and fill out the requested information:

  1. Select a system Select a backend and instance (hub/group/project) to reserve. You will only see the systems that are available for future scheduling.

  2. Choose a date Choose an available date and time by selecting a date on the calendar. Dates with existing reservations are marked with a triangle in the upper left corner.

  3. Reserve a time slot. Enter a start and end time of your reservation in 24-hour format. The maximum length per reservation is listed below the time slot table.

  4. Click Make reservation. The Make reservation button is only clickable if the reservation time slot you entered is valid.

  5. Add appropriate users to the instance. Before the reservation time starts, ensure that the appropriate user or users can access the system and instance. If necessary, remove users from the instance who do not need to use the system reservation.

    The remaining amount of reservable time allotted to your hub displays at the bottom of the page as Monthly credit remaining.


Reservations should be scheduled at least eight hours ahead of time to prevent jobs currently on the device from overflowing into the allotted time.

View your reservations

Click the application switcher ( switcher ) and choose Dashboard, then scroll to the Reservations card.

Your reservations are the reservations that you can use as a collaborator of a project.

Admin reservations are reservations that you created and can manage as an administrator.

Cancel a reservation

  1. From the Reservations page, select the checkbox for the reservation to cancel.
  2. Click Delete in the top bar.

You cannot cancel a time slot once it has begun and the full length of the time slot will be deducted from your instance.

Failed jobs

Failed jobs count against the share allotted to a user for the current month. To see if a job failed, visit the Results tab on your hub’s dashboard. A user can also view a job’s status on their Jobs(opens in a new tab) page.

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